Top 10 Patriotic Pet Items for Independence Day

Posted on June 17 2016

Independence Day 2016 is quickly approaching. Families in the USA are ready to host or attend picnics or barbecues that day, and later enjoy fireworks displays in the evening. Decorations in colors of the American flag will be all over the street. Wait, something is missing… Yes, their pets! Pets as beloved family members will also join the celebration. Dressing up their pets in red, white, and blue is going to be so much fun for pet lovers on the 4th of July.

Here we’ve listed TOP 10 patriotic pet products for this year’s Independence Day:


  1. Bandana — Simple but symbolic.

    pet bandana - American flag.jpg

  2. Collars — Give pets a boost of American style, walk with pride.

    American style pet collar

  3. Dresses / Costumes — Become the star of the day. But take caution with clothing items during hot July days.

    pet costume - america stars and stripes

  4. Shirts — Easy wear, cheers for the history and the day.

    pet shirts - american style

  5. Hoodies — Cute and sportive.

    pet hoodies - american style

  6. Neck Ruffles / Scrunchies — small, exquisite, and colorful.

    pet neck ruffles and scrunchies

  7. Treats / Chew toys — Giving them treats or chew toys may calm them a little bit during the firework show.

    pet treats and chew toys to calm

  8. Mats / Beds — home, sweet home.

    pet mats and beds

  9. Dog carrier — Here we go! en route!

    dog carrier

  10. Bow Ties — Ladies and Gentle pets!

    pet bow ties - stars and stripes

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