This Eid, Top 5 Gift Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Posted on June 21 2016

The festival of Eid is around. People already began searching for Eid gifts during the month of Ramadan. According to data held by Google, there has been a significant uplift in search queries on perfume and apparels since 6th June. This year, the big promo by souq.com includes categories like fashion wear, shoes, handbags, consumer electronics household appliances, and other merchandise that are ideal as Eid gifts to pick for people’s loved ones.

When Eid comes, Muslims will come out of their houses and purchase large quantities of merchandise. It is when shops and stores are crowded with people, and their sales increased dramatically, surpassing any other period of the year. Some within the business believe that smartphones, 3D/LED TVs, iPads, laptops, jewelry and apparel will be the most popular items for this year’s Eid.

Here, we are sharing with you some exciting gift ideas that your customers may love!


  1. Jewelry With an Islamic Touch

    A special piece of jewelry with an Islamic touch on is indeed one of the most adorable and exciting gift for Eid.

    Eid Gift - Jewelry

  2. Leather Accessories

    Another great gift idea is the latest leather accessories. These may include a leather handbag, a leather wallet, a leather card holder, leather slip-ons or even a trendy belt!

    Eid Gift - Leather Accessories

  3. Smart TVs

    Another exciting idea of gift will be a smart TV. This is entertainment as it should be after Eid. Access a world of movies, TV and apps, and enjoy every moment in picture quality that goes beyond Full HD.

    Eid Gift - Smart TV

  4. Spherical Camera

    Capture some of the best times of your life. From the little moments in your day to the horizons you pursue, capture life as it happens with a spherical camera.

    Eid Gift - Spherical Camera

  5. Smartphones

    Innovative smartphones are great Eid gifts and will be the fast mover for gift buying.

    Eid Gift - Smartphones

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