Monthly Report of August 2020 - Products Sourced From China That Offer A Good Margin

Posted on September 15 2020

The monthly reports are lists of those products which draw the most inquiries or orders on ChinaMarket in the past month. We then evaluate through researches and data, and decide whether they are worth being put on the list. Aside from popularity, they must also be able to yield attractive profit margins if sourced from China. 

The most sought after items of the last month are:

However, below are just forecasts based on what happened previously. You may still want to adjust the strategy according to what is happening in your specific country and region, and stay sensitive to market demands all the time.


Candle Lighter

candle lighter China sourcing Alibaba 1688

Search popularity of USB plasma candle lighter shows its peak at every beginning of December, mostly because of the coming festival candles. It can also be used for backyard barbecues, campfires, and camp stoves. The trend sees a moderate increase of interest this year from March compared to previous years, while March was usually the turning point towards a dropping level of interest. It is probably because people were spending more time in their own backyards and gathering with their close friends.

It is usually designed with a long flexible neck and a lightweight size, as well as wind and splash-proof. It contains zero butane or liquid, and is rechargeable with a USB charging cable.

Item Name: Candle Lighter

Price (USD) on Amazon: $10-$25

Buy in Bulk from China: $2.2-$3.5



Cocktail Shaker Set

cocktail shaker set China sourcing Alibaba 1688

Interest in "cocktail shaker set" begins to rise in every October, and there is a spike in search popularity every year from early to mid-December. However, just like many other products, this year is a bit different. The search popularity returned and began to rise again from March, soon after it reached its minimum point after December. Why? We guess people wanted to spend some time in bar but they just can't due to the epidemic, so they hope to purchase a set and mix drinks at home by themselves.

Cocktail shaker sets are usually made of stainless steel. However, there is also a rising interest for those made of copper or in gold color, which are receiving higher ratings on Amazon.

Item Name: Cocktail Shaker Set (With Stand)

Price (USD) on Amazon: $30-$115

Buy in Bulk from China: $6.5-$15



Wristband Hand Dispenser

Wristband Hand Dispenser China sourcing Alibaba 1688

This is apparently an outcome of the epidemic this year. There was no such thing before, as you could see above. It began to occur in July 2020 and reached its peak in August. 

It is usually sold in set and is refillable. Both kids and adults can wear it. The wristband allows people to perform some instant sanitizing any time the need comes up.

Item Name: Wristband Hand Dispenser

Price (USD) on Amazon: $3 per piece

Buy in Bulk from China: $0.2-$0.4 per piece


Cordless Jump Rope

Cordless Jump Rope Trend 2020

Similar to wristband hand dispenser, cordless jump rope didn't draw much attention in previous years either. Until July this year, there was a sudden surge of demand.

The most obvious advantage of cordless jump rope is tangle free. However, it may be less effective if people use it for losing weight during workout, since it does not attach to a rope and thus requires less coordination of body parts.


Item Name: Cordless Jump Rope

Price (USD) on Amazon: $10-$23

Buy in Bulk from China: $1-$2.9



Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Full Spectrum LED Light 2020 Trend

We have been noticing this product since the beginning of the year. As expected, it was stimulated by the epidemic in March, followed by a mild slowdown and then has been steadily on the rise. Full spectrum LED grow light is mainly used for indoor plants, vegs, and flowers.

Item Name: Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Price (USD) on Amazon: $50-$150

Buy in Bulk from China: $12-$50



All these you can buy from alibaba but don't go for trading companies if you want to cut the cost. Try to contact real manufacturers and have a more efficient and smooth way of communication with them, especially if you are customizing your own brand and packaging. However, if you have zero experience importing from China, then a trading company or a sourcing agent might be as well a good option for you.

You could of course contact us. Sourcing of niche products and Amazon FBA supply are our expertise. Till date, we have successfully partnered with hundreds of customers from all across the globe, who are satisfied with our quality of service, quickness of delivery, and open attitude about trade.

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